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Tips on Throwing a Great Party at Banquet Facility Flemington

You know you have a big event coming up. Whether it is a sweet 16, a wedding, or a bar mitzvah, you have a lot to get done. Do not let the idea of planning a large event overwhelm you. The team at flemington banquet facility can help make sure you have everything set for your big event. Read on for some vital party planning tips.

Set the Date
Setting the date is one of the first things you should tackle as you plan your large event. If you make this the top priority on your event planning list of tasks, you can move forward with the rest of the party details. Without a date, you cannot order invitations, book a DJ or let a caterer know when to prepare the food. This is an important step because it ensures the venue you want will be available. Dragging your feet to choose party date means your venue might book up with another client. Finding a banquet room flemington shouldn’t be hard when you can call the flemington diner.

Figure Out a Realistic Budget
Knowing how much you want to spend means the rest of your decisions will be much easier. It will help determine how much or what kind of food you serve, whether you hire a DJ or set up your own music, or if you can toss in special favors as a nice touch for guests. Budgets can vary depending on the type of party and the amount of guests. Once you book your venue, you could ask an on-site event planner for some estimates on what a menu might cost per person. Many event sites are happy to help work around your budget to ensure you get the most out of your party experience. A budget is a priority because it sets you up for success later in the planning process.

Plan the Guest List
You might be tempted to wait to create the guest list until later in the planning process, but finishing it early will help with many other things. Once you have a guest list, you can determine how much you can spend per person. Knowing how many people you plan to invite is also beneficial because it will help with deciding on what type of room you need. It will also help your venue decide how many staff members to schedule that day. If you cannot narrow down your guest list, it is perfectly fine to create a backup list of people you would like to invite, if others are not able to attend.

Create a Suitable Menu
Party guests like to eat. It does not matter if they are at wedding, a bar mitzvah, or a corporate fundraiser. Depending on the type of party you are planning, the menu could vary. Your venue event planner might guide you in a few different directions, whether you use their on-site catering service or a recommended catering company. Formal occasions usually require a sit-down dinner, complete with hot and cold appetizers, salad or soup, entrée and dessert. Some venues might accommodate your party for a buffet if you would rather guests have the opportunity to choose from two or more dishes. Sometimes buffet style is an appropriate way to go as well.

Get Your Invitations Ready
In today’s society, it is not always common to get a paper invitation in the mail. Social media and email can allow you to skip the expense of stationery and postage, depending on the type of venue you are hosting. However, paper invitations add a nice, personal touch to any type of party, especially for those who are not online and would appreciate a physical invitation. If you are mailing out a hard copy invitation, make sure to include the following details:

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • RSVP deadline and contact information

Regardless of the event you are hosting, it is a good idea to order your invitations about two to three months in advance. You will want to send them out about a month before your party and determine a final guest count about two weeks before the actual event.

Entertainment and Decorations
Figuring out the music and entertainment of your party can be fun and creative. How do you want the entertainment to flow at your event? If you are hosting a corporate or nonprofit event that will include a special speaker as the main guests, you might want some background music played on the venue’s sound system. If you want your guests to dance, consider a band or DJ. A band could fit in perfectly with a themed party. A DJ can provide some variety depending on the type of crowd that will be present.

Decorations can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Centerpieces are always a nice touch for more formal events. A big birthday party could include streamers and balloons. It is truly up to you! Just make sure you follow the guidelines of your chosen banquet hall. Your chosen venue may even supply decorations for you!

Do Not Forget to Enjoy the Party
Putting together a large event can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a good time yourself! You put in a lot of work, after all. Make sure you take time to eat and mingle with guests.

When it comes to planning a party, flemington banquet room is here to help you with as many details as possible. Contact us today to get your party planning process started!